The chronilce of manor Sallerhof

From the Roman to B&B boardinghouse Sallerhof

Many Romans lived in Salzburg. The first archaeological proof of this was found at Grodig, near Salzburg. At the foot of the Untersberg mountain, it is the only place in Austria where archaeological finds have indicated the presence of human settlement lasting from the coming of the Romans, not long before Christ's birth, to the present day.

Three Generations

The Saler or Sallerhof is one of the oldest farms in Grodig. Because it used to belong to St Peter's Monastery in Salzburg, we can follow the course of its history uninterrupted over 600 years in the archives of the monastery and the region. Three families ran the farm during these 600 years. First were the Salers. In 1648 Rupert Pfannhauser married Michael Saler's daughter Magdalena. Georg Pfannhauser sold the Saller estate to Franz Reichl in 1838. The Reichl family originated in the Swiss Canton of Schwyz and probably came to Salzburg during the Napoleonic Wars.

The first evidence

A certain Kunradus Saler of 1369 is mentioned for the first time in a 1372 document of St Peter¹s Monastery detailing all dependent serf farmers subject to taxation. This entire document is written in Latin in a beautiful monastic script. It was lost at the end of the war in 1945 and reappeared in Cairo, Egypt, in December 1950. It was purchased by Austrians living there and thus returned to Salzburg.

The history of Sallerhof

  • 1961 my partens Karl and Hedwig Reichö took over the Sallerhof
  • 1963, taking its name from the Saller estate, the Pension SALLERHOF was born in a new house, Grodig number 356 at the time, built specially for the purpose of renting out private rooms.
  • On 1st January 1998, Barbara and Klaus Schnoell-Reichl took over the business.


Location & Arrival
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