The chronicle of Gut Sallerhof


Salzburg, then still called Iuvavum, was settled by the Romans. Many Romans also stayed in this area, as is confirmed by archaeological finds in Grödig near Salzburg.

And the Sallerhof, which used to be a simple farm, was built in this historic location.


A farm from the past

The place at the foot of the Untersberg is the only one in Austria for which uninterrupted settlement activity from the arrival of the Romans shortly before the birth of Christ to this day has been secured by archaeological finds.

The Salerhof or Sallerhof is one of the oldest farms in Grödig. Since it belonged to St. Peter's Abbey in Salzburg, its history can be traced from the St. Peter archive and the state archive for over 600 years.

In a record from 1372 on all controllable landholders, a Kunradus Saler from 1369 is mentioned for the first time. This comprehensive script is written in Latin in a beautiful monastery script.

Die Geschichte des Hotel Sallerhof

In 1961 my parents Karl and Hedwig Schnöll-Reichl take over the Sallergut.
In 1963, in a newly built house on the Sallergut, at that time Grödig No. 11, the life of the Pension SALLERHOF, which was named after the Sallergut, began to rent out private rooms.
Barbara and Klaus Schnöll-Reichl have been running the business since January 1st, 1998.
In 2008 the Sallerhof was converted into a 4 star hotel.
2018 renovation of the old wing from 1974.

getting there
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