The water from the Untersberg


Drinking water for Grödig and Salzburg

Der Untersberg

a limestone massif of the northern limestone Alps, shrouded in legend and world famous because of the marble quarry in Fürstenbrunn.

However, not everyone knows that the Untersberg has the longest and largest caves in Austria and Germany, and only insiders know about the rich and precious ones drinking water in the mountain.

From the St. Leonhard springs, Grödig and thus also the Sallerhof are supplied with this water, with water of the best quality.

But what makes the drinking water from the Untersberg so precious :


The taste

The storage in lime and dolomite caverns in the mountain gives the water a fresh taste, although the calcium and magnesium content is lower
as far as water hardness is concerned in hardness level I.

It's not processed or chlorinated, it just tastes like water.

The purity - chlorites, nitrates and sulfates are only present in fractions of the permissible limit values, pesticides cannot be measured.

The fresh

After leaving the spring in St. Leonhard, the Untersberg drinking water reaches every household within a few hours.

It is around 8 ° C cold at the source, the temperature at the customers is not much higher.

The guests at the Sallerhof are pampered daily with the precious and healthy Untersberg drinking water.

It flows from every tap, or it is in a carafe on the room table.

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