Active and adventure holidays in Salzburg

Outdoor adventures on Austrian lakes and mountains

Mountains, meadows and the gorgeous landscape of the Austrian Alps: all in the near vicinity of the city of Salzburg. An active holiday in Salzburg is manifold - enjoy the many and diverse destinations for excursions in Salzburg and their closeness to the city.

It doesn't matter whether you are planning on running, hiking, cycling or taking a motorcycle to cruise the country, as a guest of Hotel Sallerhof you will enjoy many benefits during your activity and adventure holiday in Salzburg, Austria. For a special adrenaline rush, book white water rafting or canyoning tours!

Vacations with your motorcycle

You're arriving with a motorcycle and want to explore the countryside with Salzburg as your home base?

Only a few kilometers separate Hotel Sallerhof from the glorious mountain and pass roads of the Austrian Alps.

Back at Hotel Sallerhof you can make use of the comprehensive service for motorcyclists.

Bicyclists and mountain bikers also appreciate the location of the Hotel Sallerhof. The mountain bike tour around Mount Untersberg practically starts right in front of the hotel, and the city is close enough to be able to comfortably cycle to Salzburg for the evening to enjoy the unmistakable flair of Mozart's birthplace and hometown.

Hiking, walking and trekking holidays

An active outdoor holiday in Salzburg, Austria is guaranteed not to be boring: at Hotel Sallerhof, just a few kilometers outside of Salzburg, you are surrounded by idyllic nature.

There are many different walking routes available to all that want to hike, walk, jog or run that are sure to leave you with unforgettable impressions.

Ski holidays in Salzburg

There are 22 skiing regions in a radius of just 25 kilometers around the hotel, including easy slopes for beginners and families as well as trails and ski slopes for pros.

This way you can try out a different ski resort every day of your ski holiday in Salzburg and then come back to the hotel to relax and plan your next adventure in the snow.

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