Concerts in Salzburg

Mirabell Palace, Salzburg Fortress and Mozart Dinner Concerts

In Salzburg you will experience the most beautiful concerts at imposing venues.

The genius Mozart is ever-present in his city of birth - experience Mozart concerts live during your stay in Salzburg.

Concerts all over the year

No matter what time of the year that you are spending your vacation in Salzburg, you always have a wide selection of concerts to choose from.

The Salzburg Fortress Concerts, a music festival for friends of Mozart and Chamber Music, are a very special highlight.

Since more than 10 years the Mozart Dinner Concerts has taken place nearly every day at "Stiftskeller St. Peter" - a restaurant within the monastery walls of St. Peter's Archabbey - and became a fixed and famous part of Salzburg's musical events.

This success has a very good reason: The Mozart Dinner Concert is more than just a concert - it is real and authentic.

The Salzburg Palace Concerts are with over 350 concerts a year, held in the most beautiful concert hall - the Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace, one of the world's largest concert series.

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