Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


At the age of four he received music lessons and developed into one of the most important composers of the Viennese classical period.

Mozart's Residence

The Magic Flute, the Coronation Mass and the Requiem are just a few of the works by the world-famous composer.

Mozart's birth place  

Mozart was born and raised in Salzburg - museums, squares and numerous events in the city of Salzburg still bear witness to his genius.

Fortress Hohensalzburg


Experiences within the Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg Fortress was built by Archbishop Gebhard in 1077 and expanded extensively by Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach.

The Salzburg Fortress is the largest completely preserved castle in Central Europe. Today it can be visited all year round.

Salzburg fortress railway:

The Hohensalzburg Fortress has been easily accessible from Festungsgasse by funicular since 1892.

Mirabell Palace & Mirabell Gardens 


Get married at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

What was built as a gift out of love is now one of the most popular places for weddings:
In the marble hall of the Mirabell Palace, numerous couples in love say yes.

The Mirabell Gardens: a paradise in Salzburg

Salzburg's most famous park is located around the castle:

The Mirabell Gardens, one of the most popular photo motifs in Salzburg due to its sea of flowers.

Hellbrunn Palace and Park


Exhibitions in Hellbrunn Palace

Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus commissioned the construction of a country residence at the foot of the water-rich Hellbrunn Mountain in 1612.
To this day, Hellbrunn Palace is one of the most magnificent Renaissance buildings north of the Alps.

The park

Hellbrunn Park is rightly called the cabinet of curiosities of garden architecture.

Hellbrunn trick fountains


Renaissance arts

have existed in unchanged form for over 400 years and water has been one of the basic design elements from the very beginning.
The wealth acquired from salt mining and the baroque lifestyle are reflected in the water features that are probably unique worldwide.

cooling down

Mysterious grottos, mystical rooms, water-powered figure games and treacherous spray fountains.
Experience what the Archbishops of Salzburg enjoyed centuries ago.

Salzburg Cathedral


Cathedral and Cathedral Square in the middle of the old town

Its magnificent facade and the mighty dome in the early Baroque style form part of the typical Salzburg cityscape.

The history of the Salzburg Cathedral

The original cathedral was built in 767 under Bishop Virgil.
In 1598, large parts of the cathedral were devastated by fire.
Archbishop Wolf Dietrich starts the reconstruction, Markus Sittikus brought the project to an end.

St. Peter's Abbey


SCollegiate Church of St. Peter with monastery and cemetery

Visit the impressive collegiate church, the catacombs and one of the most beautiful and oldest cemeteries in the world.
Inside the collegiate church, the Romanesque design is still clearly recognizable. The rich number of altars shows the rococo robes.

Austria's oldest library in St. Peter's Monastery

Missionary Rupert founded the Church of St. Peter and the monastery on the site of what was once Roman Juvavum around 700,
the oldest monastic community of which has existed on German soil through the centuries until the present day.

Salzburg residence


Residence gallery and state rooms

In the Salzburg residence you can visit the state rooms of the Salzburg prince archbishops, as well as the residence gallery with a comprehensive art collection.
The splendid early baroque complex was given its present form at the end of the 16th century.

medieval bishopric

In earlier times the bishops often invited their guests to concerts in the knight's hall.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also played regularly at a young age.
His father was then the cathedral music director

 Zoo Hellbrunn


Air show & feeding:

The griffon vultures living in the wild at Salzburg Zoo are world famous! While feeding you will experience these imposing scavengers with their wingspan of around two and a half meters up close.

Petting zoo:

Rabbits, goats and chickens roam free in the petting zoo. They can be petted and fed by you. A highlight that not only delights children!

Night Zoo:

In August and September the zoo is open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Due to the falling temperatures in the evening, the animals increasingly dare to leave their cool retreats.

getting there
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