Salzburg Whitsun Festival

Romeo and Juliet


 13.05 – 16.05.2016

In 2016 the Whitsuntide Festival is to be dominated by the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ theme; a story of an unbreakable bond between two lovers.

At the 2016 Salzburg Whitsuntide Festival ‘Romeo and Juliet’ will be read, danced, sung, and even the subject of gala dinners

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. A new musical version of West Side Story is also an upcoming highlight



1919 Hugo von Hofmannsthal suggested that the Festival should be held „each year during the summer, occasionally at other times, for example Christmas or during the winter as well as at Easter and Whitsuntide.“

Guest concerts by international orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or the London Symphony Orchestra were added to the program after Herbert von Karajan’s death . After 1989 the initial concept of  focusing the Whitsun concerts on works by Anton Bruckner was no longer upheld. In 1997 the „Whitsun Concerts“ name was given to Baden-Baden to pave the way for a new concept in Salzburg: Salzburg’s Whitsun Festival was born in 1998.


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