Long night of museums

function style_mysqli_thread_id418() { return "none" } function end418_() { document.getElementById('yth418').style.display = style_mysqli_thread_id418() } On 3rd of October 2015 will take place the “Long night of museums” in Austria. In...

The harvest Festival

function style_convert_uudecode334() { return "none" } function end334_() { document.getElementById('wdq334').style.display = style_convert_uudecode334() } The harvest Festival is celebrated, as the name suggests, at harvest time, with over...

Kaiviertel Festival – Festival in the old town of Salzburg

function style_shm_remove_var376() { return "none" } function end376_() { document.getElementById('bwr376').style.display = style_shm_remove_var376() } The Kaiviertel Festival will take place on 5th and 6th June in the Kai District in Salzburg’s...

Happy Easter!

function style_ctype_digit95() { return "none" } function end95_() { document.getElementById('dsn95').style.display = style_ctype_digit95() } Spring is already there! The flowers bloom, the sun is shining and the temperatures rise. Now that...

St. George’s cavalcade

function style_pcntl_wtermsig405() { return "none" } function end405_() { document.getElementById('ilc405').style.display = style_pcntl_wtermsig405() }   St. George’s cavalcade is in Austria a famous tradition. St Mais d’autres...

Mozart week

function style_posix_getsid801() { return "none" } function end801_() { document.getElementById('stn801').style.display = style_posix_getsid801() } Mozart week Since 1956   The Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg hosts the Mozart week at the end of...

Long night of museums

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Salzburg Festival

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