Charge Station for your electric car - electric vehicle

You arrive Hotel Sallerhof in Salzburg with a electric car / vehicle

Top hotel rooms and e-charging station guarantee you carefree nights in Salzburg

Charging station for e-cars for guests of the Hotel Sallerhof.

As a guest of Hotel Sallerhof, you can recharge your e-car at one of the 22 kW charging stations.

As an environment-conscious guest, you will benefit from the e-car charging station.

This means extra convenience for our guests who drive an e-car.

Recharge the storage battery of your e-car with VKW green electricity.

Recharging made quick and simple

The EU Standard Type 2 stands for maximum compatibility without great expenditure of time.

At our standardized e-charging station, every common e-car model can be recharged without an adapter and fast, thanks to a capacity of 22 kW. 

Technical information

KEBA KeContact

with max. loading capacity of 22kW with 32 A,

plug Type 2

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