Hellbrunn Trick Fountains

Entertainment at the pleasure palace of Hellbrunn in Salzburg

Markus Sittikus (1574-1619) - Archbishop of Salzburg - spent the greater part of his youth in Italy.

His palace of Hellbrunn was a monument in stone to his great passion for renaissance art. 

Hellbrunn park - an oasis in the city

From the magnificent gardens and tree - lined avenues to the silent ponds - from the austere stone theatre to the aromatic shrubs and flowers in the light-filled orangery:

Hellbrunn Park deserves its reputation as a masterpiece of landscape gardening.


Unique in the world

Hellbrunn, the summer residence of Salzburg's prince archbishops, is an example of the close link between culture and nature in the area around the city of Salzburg.

The trick fountains, probably unique in the whole world, reflect the lifestyle of the Baroque age and the wealth acquired from salt-mining.

All the attractions at Hellbrunn are 4 km from the Sallerhof and can be easily reached with the hotel's own bicycles.

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