St. Peter's Abbey Salzburg

Abbey church, monastery, cemetery with catacombs and Stiftskeller

The Frankish missionary Rupert (Hroudbert) came to Salzburg around 700 and founded St. Peter's Church and a monastery on the soil of what was once the Roman Juvavum.

It remains the oldest continuously active monastery on German soil.

Archtiecture and art in St. Peter's Abbey

The interior of the church still gives a clear impression of the Romanesque style.

The Rokoko decoration of the church is reflected in the large number of altars. Several of the altar paintings are the work of Martin Johann Schmidt, also called "Kremser-Schmidt", one of the most famous devotive and altar painters of the 18th century.

Two gigantic Renaissance bronze candlesticks dating back to 1609 were donated by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich.

Famous Persons belonged to the community

Prominent personalities belonged to the monastic community of St. Peter.

In one of the chapels located on the right side aisle are the memorial of Johann Michael Haydn, a marble plaque in memory of Mozart's sister Nannerl and the tomb of Hans Werner von Raitenau, Wolf Dietrich's father.

The work of the monks

The scholarship and the fervor of these medieval monks are reflected in a multitude of works.

A masterpiece of the prevailing architecture was the construction of the Alm Canal, which involved digging a tunnel through the Mönchsberg.

Many of the monks were employed as teachers after the founding of the University in 1622; music and theater were avidly fostered in St. Peter's.

In 1769 thirteen-year-old Mozart composed the "Dominicus Mass" for Abbot Hagenauer and in 1783 personally directed his famous Mass in C-minor.

In 1782 Johann Michael Haydn composed the "Rupert Mass" for St. Peter's.

Mozart Dinner Concert

Enjoy W.A. Mozart's most popular works by candlelight with music played by Salzburg artistes in historical costumes, and a meal with several courses of dishes prepared according to traditional recipes from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Imagine the joy of living in Mozart's Salzburg, experience its colorful costumes and culinary delights, be enchanted be ...


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