Salzburg Zoo

Zoo of Hellbrunn, home of 140 species from all over the world

The unique zoo territory at the foot of the Hellbrunner Mountain with the steep rocky Cliffside on one side and the hilly floodplain landscape on the other is home to around 800 animals.


Insights to the multitude of the fauna

The expert husbandry and nurture of the animals is the visitors an insight to the multitude and diversity of the fauna.

A visit to the Geo-Salzburg Zoo is giving our guests the possibility to go on a diverting trip into the world of the residents of Eurasia, the Americas and Africa.


Attractions in the middle of the nature

Spacious enclosures in a natural setting, e.g. for bears, gibbons and leopards have gained international acclaim.

One of our main attractions are the free-flying vultures that come to the Zoo to be fed, but live and build their nests in the mountains near Salzburg.

getting there
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