Salzburg salt mine tour

Visit the salt mine in Hallein near Salzburg

A visit to the oldest salt mine in Europe is a special experience. Here on Mount Durrnberg near Salzburg city you can step through the same tunnels that the Celts used to mine salt over 2,500 years ago. From the days of the Celts to the Salzburg Archbishops, salt brought riches and prosperity.

Salt mine Hallein

A visit to the salt mine on the Dürnberg is a journey back in time to when salt was still called "White Gold".

Plunge into a mysterious underground world, thunder through tunnels far below the surface in the miners' trolley, plummet into the heart of the mountain on speedy parallel slides.

Observe the world's first salt gallery, the Celtic dioramas and the Celtic grave. Glide across the subterranean salt lake on a mystical mist of sound, and hear the fascinating story of the "Man in Salt".

In addition, we take you to a Celtic village, one of the archaeological highlights of Salzburg Province.

The oldest salt mine in Europe is a special experience

The mining of salt, the white gold, was of great importance for this area. We will take advantage of the opportunity to find out more and don authentic miners' clothing.

In the mine we find out interesting background information and hear mythical tales of the world below the earth's surface. Then we use the same slides as the miners did and slide down to experience the magical tunnels and their subterranean splendour.

A raft voyage over the mystical salt lake and a ride on the miners' railway round off this romantic and informative visit.

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Salt mine tour

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from 9am to 1:30pm or from 1:30pm to 6pm

Duration: 4 Hours

All seasons€ 53,-€ 45,-

You can book the tickets on your arrival day or even the same day in the morning at our reception.

Mount Durrnberg Salt Mine near Hallein

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