Salzbourg pour une journée

une visite à Salzbourg

Nous sommes souvent demandé quel choses il faut voir pendant une visite à Salzbourg. 

Malheureusement, la question n'est pas si simple. Enfin, ca dépend de beaucoup de choses.  De la saison, du temps et finalement de votre intérêts personnels. 

Curiosités populaires à Salzbourg 

Vous voulez faire la connaissance de Salzbourg, mais vous n'avez pas beaucoup de temps? Aucun problème!

You can discover the city's unique charm on a single day, especially in the beautiful historic city center that is characterized by numerous baroque buildings.

If you look closely, you will be able to recognize the importance of Salzburg's prince archbishops back in the day.

The mighty cathédrale à Salzbourg, the majestic Résidence or the charming Château Mirabell with its fascinating park - they all show the traces of the powerful prince archbishops.

Even the Forteresse de Salzbourg has been influenced and expanded under the reign of a number of bishops. A visit to this famous landmark, the city's emblem, is definitely worth it.

From the fortress a breathtaking view offers itself up to the visitor, spreading from the historic city center to the outer reaches of the city.

You will see that Salzburg is small but select, with all its most beautiful landmarks in comfortable reach - making it ideal for a short trip.

An extraordinary Salzburg city tour

Whoever wants to see and hear the most of the city is best advised to take a promenade en calèche at the Residenzplatz on the way back from the fortress.

A tour de ville with one of the many carriages is a personal experience with many explanations and stories about the individual curiosités in Salzburg.

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