Salzbour pour deux journées

une visite à Salzbourg

Mozart, beautiful vieille ville, culture et concerts lure numerous visitors to the world heritage city of Salzburg each year.

No matter whether you are just passing through or decided to take a spontaneous trip to explore the city - Salzburg is a wonderful destination.

Things worth seeing on a short trip to Salzburg

Avec la voiture, avec le bus ou avec les vélos: Grödig est situé seulement quelques minutes de la centre du Salzbourg. Alors c'est la destination idéale pour la première journée de votre voyage a Salzbourg.

Keep your eyes open during a nice walk through the famous Getreidegasse, many of the splendid guild signs and mural paintings can only be seen at second glance.

La promenade mène vous directe à la maison natale du Mozart. Il faut arrêter pour un moment: C'est la première photo-souvenir de votre journée à Salzbourg.

The walk continues over historic Old Market: Here are Salzburg's oldest pharmacy, the royal apothecary, and the smallest house in the city. It goes on in the direction of the Cathédrale, the Résidence and the Forteresse.

Your walk will not only take you by the most magnificent building of the city, but also by a large number of boutiques and stores of renowned labels. If you want to use your trip to Salzburg for a shopping spree, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Day two of a short trip to Salzburg

On the second day you will be heading towards the city center again, but this time with public transport.

Why? Because you will be taking the bateau Amadeus on your way back out towards Hellbrunn.

The former summer residence of Markus Sittikus with its jeux d'eau, its fantastic park and Jardin zoologique attracts a great number of tourists each year. A visit to Hellbrunn is a worthy ending to a short trip to Salzburg.


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