Running holidays in Salzburg

Keep fit as you enjoy a run through the landscape of Austria

There is no need to cancel your daily running program while on vacation in Salzburg, Austria. And, if you are here on a business trip, a pleasant jog is a good way to balance work and free time.

The Sallerhof’s location is ideal for relaxing and keeping fit. Nestled in the natural beauty at the foot of Mount Untersberg, guests will find countless options for a unique run past green meadows and crystal clear brooks.

Running and Jogging

Running in Salzburg

Just beyond the entrance to our hotel, guests will find themselves in the middle of the breath-taking natural countryside around Salzburg.

Breathe the fresh air, enjoy the panorama of the mountains and run to your heart’s content!

No matter if you prefer an early morning run or a jog as the evening settles in – running in the countryside around the Sallerhof is pure relaxation, no matter what the hour.

Jogging routes and running events

Salzburg is ideally suited for enthusiasts of a casual or of an athletic event.

A multitude of running routes snake their way through the countryside surrounding the city of Salzburg.

The city of Salzburg is also a pleasant place for a jog. Throughout the course of the year Salzburg hosts exciting organized running events.

From marathons to triathlons... the Salzburg Zoo Race: visitors have the option of watching athletic events live or tuning-in to see the athletes show their skills.

Are you looking for a vacation destination where you can enjoy many activities and still keep up with your running program?

Then the Salzburg region – and especially the village of Grodig near the city of Salzburg - is just the place for you !

Send us your non-binding inquiry today – we are looking forward to hearing from you !

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