Lake Konigsee

Pilgrimage church St. Bartholomew's in Berchtesgaden

Majestic in its aura and splendour, ringed by towering cliffs, the emerald Königseeresembles a fjord set in the Bavarian Alps.

The East Face of the Watzmann rises to nearly 1800 metres, while the lake itself is 190 metres deep.

Famous church St. Bartholomä

St. Bartholomä, the big attraction on the Königsee, can only be approached by boat.

The pilgrimage church, famous throughout the world, parts of which originate from the 12th century, lies on a picturesque peninsula.

Next to it, you can find an idyllic tavern, which was once a hunting lodge.


In the middle of the National Park

It is situated in the heart of the Berchtesgaden National Park, which the Bavarian government established in 1978 in order to preserve the beauty of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Thus the Weiss-Blaue Flotte, whose ships sail on the Königsee, Germany's cleanest lake, follows stringent environmental standards.

Location & Arrival
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