Hallstatt tour

Visit the world heritage site in the Salzkammergut lakes district

This sightseeing tour takes you through a spectacular landscape of lakes and mountains in the Salzkammergut region while your tour bus approaches its final destination - the picturesque village of Hallstatt at the Dachstein glacier and Lake Hallstatt. Visit the salt mines, the ossuary and the central square of the historic old town!


Start the journey travelling through famous Salzkammergut (Lake area) to Hallstatt known as the „Pearl of the Salzkammergut”, passing many local villages on route which introduce you to the local area.

On arrival in Hallstatt it is hard to know where to start,

perhaps with a mountain train ride up to the “World Heritage View” viewing platform (optional, € 100,00/person), giving you both a magnificent view and helping you understand how Hallstatt started life.

Take a leisurely lakeside walk seeing hoe the houses above you cling onto the mountainside, pass by the Mullbach waterfall which allowed Hallstatt somewhere to grow.

A visit to the local museum is also interesting (optional) or a visit to the “Bonehouse” behind the Catholic church, proving an interesting view into local family life.

We will book your place.

Hallstatt tour

english speaking tour
from 13.00 to 18.00 Uhr

Duration: 5 Hours

All seasons€ 58,-€ 45,-

You can book the tickets on your arrival day or even the same day in the morning at our reception.

Old customs in Hallstatt

Location & Arrival
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