Churches in Salzburg

Sacred architecture and intellectual heritage

Salzburg is a stronghold of clergy.

On your way through the historic city of Salzburg you'll find various religios building, built from persons with artisic genius, with pompous details and coined by the history.

Franciscan Church

This church is the most interesting church in Salzburg from an architectural point of view.

Dates back to a structure built during the 8th century. A new basilica was built in 1220. Baroque high altar designed by Fischer von Erlach with Gothic Madonna by Michael Pacher.

The Rupertinum is located across the street. It is a museum of modern art, and contains part of the art collection of Salzburg Province

University or Collegiate Church

Salzburg's largest Baroque church - Built by Fischer von Erlach as a university church and consecrated in 1707.

The 4 chapels are dedicated to the university's 4 faculties. University Square was redesigned in 1990. The "Green Market", selling typical local products, is held here on weekdays.

The University was founded in 1622, the main university buildings erected from 1618-1652.

St. Sebastian's Church

The church is a late Gothic church built from 1505-1512. It's located in the Linzergasse, and this street dates back to in the Middle Ages. It is a popular shopping street along the Kapuzinerberg.

St. Sebastian's Cemetery accommodates Wolf Dietrich's mausoleum, the Mozart family grave and the tomb of the great physician, Theophratus Paracelsus (1493-1541).

The holy trinity church

The Church of the Holy Trinity is the most significant sacred building.

On the right bank of the Old City and the first church designed by the great Baroque architect Fischer von Erlach.

The dominant dome, the sweeping façade, the twin towers and the palace-type wings are definitely the eye-catcher on Makart Square.

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