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Monday, July 22nd, 2013 Salzburg Festival

Every summer the small and quaint Salzburg turns into an international stage when the cultural highlight of the year is in full activity.

The Salzburg Festival offers a big variety of premium concerts, theatres and operas. You can find the detailed programme here:

But despite the changing programme, there are some highlights that say the same. One of them is the beloved play ‘Jedermann’ (Everyman) of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, that premiered at the first Salzburg Festival in 1920 and was played every year since then. Also the festival ball in the last week on August 31st is a popular festivity.

For those who do not have tickets, there are the Siemens Festival nights. In the city center on the Kapitelplatz a lot of the plays and concerts are shown on an open-air cinema screen. This enables you to enjoy current Festival productions for free and in front of the special scenery of the city center and the fortress.

Monday, June 3rd, 2013 Walking in Salzburg

The forests on the Salzburg city mountains are ideal for hiking and walking. Whether you chose the Kapuzinerberg, the Hellbrunnerberg or the Mönchsberg- the mountains are popular local recreation areas and also offer breathtaking views over the city center.

Every year, the city of Salzburg, offers free walking tours, guided by forest-experts, that explain how they take care of the city mountains and forests. This way you can get to know the city mountains even more and learn about forest care.

This year, the walks take place from June 10th- June 14th, during the week of the forests. The walks start a  5 pm. at every weather.

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 30 Years Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Partly because of it’s location (on top of the Mönchsberg, overviewing the city), but also because of it’s extraordinary architecture- the Museum of Moderne Salzburg can be hardly overlooked.

This year the museum celebrates it’s 30iest anniversary- with a jubilee exhibition. Barbara Musil, Elisabeth Schmierl and Büro Josef Böhm are the names of the artist featured in this exhibition. The last name- Büro Josef Böhm- represents an artist collective that designed an unconventional model railway landscape that invites visitors to embark on an imaginary (time) travel trough the history of the MdM Rupertinum.

The other to artists, Barbara Musil and Elisabeth Schmirls show their art in the MdM Salzburg. Barbara Musil is showing works of art and curiosities inspired by the ‘cabinet of wonders’ whereas Elisabeth Schmirls art is based on research into digital pictorial media.

The jubilee exhibition is shown at the Museum der Moderne until May 5th.

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 Literatur-walking path

view on the Mönchsberg and the Fortress


Salzburg is known for it’s musicians- but there are also some known writers, that have lived in Salzburg. One of them is Peter Handke.

The literature-hiking path is one of the nicest walks in Salzburg, and dedicated to him.

The start of the walk is at the Toscanini Hof at the Clemens-Holzmeister staircase. After a couple of steps, the walk brings you to a couple of points of interest:

the Kupelwieser-castle on the Mönchsberg

like the breakthrough of the defence wall (known as the mayor’s hole) and the Kupelwieser castle. In this castle Handke and his daughter used to live from 1979 to 1987.

There is also the possibility to walk up to the Fortress. One of the most beautiful things of the path is the incredible view of the city of Salzburg.

Alongside the walk there are lanterns, so you can also enjoy the literature walking path in the evening!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 Salzburger Glockenspiel

Maybe you already heard the Salzburger Glockenspiel (Salzburg chimes) during a visit in the Salzburg City center.

Three times a day (7 a.m., 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.) the Glockenspiel rings with popular and known melodies. 51 different music pieces can be played on the Glockenspiel. It has 35 bells and a range of 3 octaves- which is quite impressive!

From March until October you can visit the Glockenspiel (guided tours every Thursday 5:30 p.m. and every Friday 10:30 a.m.).

Not only the technical capacity of the Glockenspiel is impressive- also the view on the top of the tower is worth a visit!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 Explore Salzburg with a boat trip

An unusual way to explore Salzburg is the panorama boat: Amadeus.

From March bis October the panorama boat offers a variety of sightseeing tours: evening tours with a romantic candlelight dinner, extensive tours to the south of Salzburg and the castle of Hellbrunn or short city tours with a concert on the fortress of Salzburg afterwards. There is plenty of choice!

But what makes the panorama boat so special, is not only the tours. The boat is especially constructed to drive on the shallow water and is only 38 cm deep. Also the design with its large glas windows allows an unique panoramic city view of Salzburg.

Monday, June 25th, 2012 Traditional music on Salzburg’s streets

If you are in the city center of Salzburg and hear traditional music, then you might experience the ‘Salzburger Straßenmusik’.

Every Saturday from April until September (10-13 a.m.) various local music groups are in the city center, playing their music and showing traditional costumes and dances.

As enrichment to other street artist, the local groups can be found at various and changing places in the city center.

Sunday, May 13th, 2012 Week of Museums

On Sunday, May 20th the International Museum Day takes place. This years slogan is ‘World in change- museums in change’. On this occasion many museums in Salzburg city and country are free.

But even during the week a lot of museums can be visited for free. For example Mozarts Birthplace and the residence gallery.

On Tuesday May 15th the house of nature and on Wednesday the celtic museum in Hallein can be visited for free. The museum of modern art also takes place on Thursday as well as the open air museum and cathedral museum on Friday and the new residence and the baroque museum on Saturday.

All in all, 28 different museums in Salzburg are opening for free on Sunday!

Monday, March 19th, 2012 Art & Antique

Old residence, Salzburg

Art collectors and people interested in art and culture should not miss the exposition Art & and Antique from March 31-April 04.

Every year during Easter, the popular exposition for Art, Antique and Design takes place in the historic building of the Residence Salzburg. This year, the exposition has a new name, although the quality of the presented art is as good as always. As usual there is a wide range from Gothic Madonnas, Viennese art-deco design, rare rustic furniture, classics of modernism, selected vintage jewellery to contemporary works.

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 start the new year with a turn

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Austria. In the middle of a snowy mountain scenery skiing is a lot of fun. Additionally, it also helps keeping your figure after the rich holiday-food.

There are many nice skiing resorts in Salzburg, many of them just a few driving minutes from the Sallerhof away. Big world famous ski regions as well as quaint little family winter vacation spots offer modern lifts and state-of-the-art gondolas that bring you up to well maintained slopes of all sizes and difficulty levels. 22 ski regions, 580 lifts and 1700km of pistes await you!

And if the weather isn’t good or you don’t feel like skiing: the city of Salzburg is always a nice and diverse place for excursions!

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