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Monday, June 10th, 2013 the railroad is back

The railroad is not only a means of transportation, but also a popular toy, already since 150 years. This is reason enough for the Salzburg toy museum to dedicate a special exhibition to the beloved toy.

Displayed are toys and models from 3 generations, from the big wooden train, the steam train or the electronic train. As a special highlight the traffic manager of Salzburg, Gunter Mackinger, provided historic Salzburg trains from his own private collection.

Therefore the special exhibition is a highlight not only for children but for families and people interested in trains!

Monday, May 27th, 2013 Special exhibition at the Haus der Natur

The Haus der Natur, a museum for technic and nature is always a good recommendation for a family excursion. Besides the current exhibitions there are always interesting temporary exhibitions, like to one about the topic bionic.

Like the title ‘nature inspires technology’ already suggests the exhibition shows how humans can learn from animals and nature concerning technical issues. There are many questions that will be answered, like: What have a thighbone and the Eiffel Tower in common? And what has the aircraft industry learnt from studying the wings of birds? By the way, the gecko was used as an example to develop especially adhesive sticky tape.

We wish you fun discovering and exploring- because people never stop learning!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 30 Years Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Partly because of it’s location (on top of the Mönchsberg, overviewing the city), but also because of it’s extraordinary architecture- the Museum of Moderne Salzburg can be hardly overlooked.

This year the museum celebrates it’s 30iest anniversary- with a jubilee exhibition. Barbara Musil, Elisabeth Schmierl and Büro Josef Böhm are the names of the artist featured in this exhibition. The last name- Büro Josef Böhm- represents an artist collective that designed an unconventional model railway landscape that invites visitors to embark on an imaginary (time) travel trough the history of the MdM Rupertinum.

The other to artists, Barbara Musil and Elisabeth Schmirls show their art in the MdM Salzburg. Barbara Musil is showing works of art and curiosities inspired by the ‘cabinet of wonders’ whereas Elisabeth Schmirls art is based on research into digital pictorial media.

The jubilee exhibition is shown at the Museum der Moderne until May 5th.

Monday, October 1st, 2012 Fair at the open air museum

Outside the city center, in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape, is the open air museum of Großgmain. On the 50 ha big property over 100 buildings from the rural regions of Salzburg display traditional culture and way of life.

There is a 7 km long walk between the different areas, but the railway on the museum property also helps you get around. The open air museum is especially popular with families and offers many interesting attractions like old tractors and tools, historic taverns and buildingns with pleasant gardens, a Kneipp facility, a butterfly trail and a house of sound. Demonstrations of different handicrafts also enrich the museum.

Don’t miss the fair at the open air museum: From October 6th to October 7th, a fair with traditional music, food and games, brings holiday mood into the open air museum!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Culture at the Bachschmiede

Salzburg is know for its big selection concerning cultural events. Especially the Salzburg Festival is very popular and attracts many people. But there are also other cultural events worth visiting in Salzburg!

The Bachschmiede (the forge at the river) is one of them. The Bachschmiede offers a very wide selection of culture: cabaret, theatre, concerts, readings, lectures and exhibitions of local artists.

One part of the forge is also a museum with changing exhibitions. The architecture of the place and also the combination of the different events are an enrichment to Salzburg.

Sunday, May 13th, 2012 Week of Museums

On Sunday, May 20th the International Museum Day takes place. This years slogan is ‘World in change- museums in change’. On this occasion many museums in Salzburg city and country are free.

But even during the week a lot of museums can be visited for free. For example Mozarts Birthplace and the residence gallery.

On Tuesday May 15th the house of nature and on Wednesday the celtic museum in Hallein can be visited for free. The museum of modern art also takes place on Thursday as well as the open air museum and cathedral museum on Friday and the new residence and the baroque museum on Saturday.

All in all, 28 different museums in Salzburg are opening for free on Sunday!

Friday, March 25th, 2011 Do you already know the “house of nature”?

The “House of Nature” can be called the biggest museum of Salzburg. The exhibition space is 7000 square meters big, so there are showrooms and exhibitions for every flavour!

Whether you fancy animals, technical science or history- the “House of Nature” has it all!

House of Nature in Salzburg

Thursday, February 24th, 2011 The Zoo Hellbrunn celebrates its anniversary

The Zoo Hellbrunn was opened in 1961 and hence exists since 50 years. Ever since it has become a popular place of excursion, for guests and locals as well.

As “reward” for the loyality of the visitors of the Zoo Hellbrunn, on February 27 you can enter the Zoo with the same entrance fee as in the Year 1961. These days it was a Shilling, on February 2011 it is 10 Cent!

Monday, February 21st, 2011 Do you know the Salzburg Panorama?

The unique canvas was painted in the 19th century by the austrian artist Johann Michael Sattler. It shows a view over the city of Salzburg on a dimension of 125 square meters.

In the Salzburg Museum in the New Residence you can admire the magnificent Salzburg Panorama and also other pictures of Johann Sattler and his son which show sights of different known cities.

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