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Saturday, September 1st, 2012 Dirndldress-Sunday

On September 9th the ‚Gwandhaus’, a popular shop for traditional Austrian clothes,  opens for its special dirndldress-Sunday.

First there is a mass at 11 a.m. in the garden of the Gwandhaus. Afterwards the Gwandhaus is open for visit. There is traditional music and traditional food from the Restaurant and the Greißlerei de Merin.

At the Atelier you can visit the needlewomen and learn more about traditional sewing techniques. Also the museum with rare and antique costumes and the shop is open.

Sallerhof Tipp: Arrive to the Gwandhaus with bus 25 (busstop in Grödig only 5 walking minutes away from the Sallerhof). Bus 25 has also a busstop at the Gwandhaus. This way, you can enjoy a glas of beer or wine without worrying how to get home afterwards.

Monday, June 25th, 2012 Traditional music on Salzburg’s streets

If you are in the city center of Salzburg and hear traditional music, then you might experience the ‘Salzburger Straßenmusik’.

Every Saturday from April until September (10-13 a.m.) various local music groups are in the city center, playing their music and showing traditional costumes and dances.

As enrichment to other street artist, the local groups can be found at various and changing places in the city center.

Monday, June 4th, 2012 Traditional Afternoon

The Heckentheater (theatre of the hedge) is part of the Mirabellgarden and one of the oldest Heckentheater in the area. Every Friday evening in Summer at 18:30 the Heckentheater is filled by local music groups and traditional costume associations for the Brauchtumsnachmittag, an event where traditional music and customs are performed.

If the weather is not good enough to perform in outside, then the event is moved into the castle.  The castle Mirabell and it’s wonderful garden was build in the 17th century by archbishop Wolf Dietrich of Raitenau. The garden was changed later on by the plans of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. Since then the garden and of course the castle are extremely popular attractions.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 Carnival in Salzburg

The name carnival comprises a variety of traditions that have one thing in common: party and fun. Carnival time is during the time between two Christian holidays, but most of the events take place in February.

Did you know that Salzburg has the oldest carnival guild of Austria? The Salzburg carnival guild was founded in 1948 and is part of many events like carnival balls or carnival processions. Important part of every guild is the royal couple, in Salzburg there is also a children’s couple.

You can enjoy a carnival procession on February 19th in Anif, just a few minutes from the Sallerhof!

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Krampus in Grödig

Typical for the time before Christmas is the Krampus. It is a dressed person with a scraggy costume, a scary mask and noisy bells around the hips. Originally the Krampus is the companion of St. Nicholas who arrives on the 6th of December to award nice children.

As processions with the Krampus are becoming more and more popular they already start a few days earlier. But if you see a person dressed up as Krampus after the 6th of December its probably a Percht follower. They look very much alike but the Percht followers usually arrive on December 6th, December 22nd and January 6th to cast out winter.

Learn more about this popular tradition by visiting the procession of the Grödiger Krampusse on December 6th, just a few walking minutes from the Sallerhof!

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 St. Martins feast

Salzburg Militia

Every year at the beginning of November, the militia organizes a popular festivity: St. Martins feast, in the honour of the city and militia patron, the holy Martin.

The ceremonial act starts at the dome in Salzburg, where the city militia and other militias from the country come together to celebrate the mass. Afterwards there is a procession through the city centre.

At midday, parts of the militia and many interested people come together at the Mönchsberg for a shooting match. With crossbows they compete against each other and there is also a shooting match for non-militia members. The shooting match has an historic origin and reminds of times when the citizens of Salzburg still had to defend themselves.

Monday, September 19th, 2011 harvest festival in Salzburg

An important part of the local calendar of events is the harvest festival. With over 2000 events in the country of Salzburg tradition and customs are revived and the harvest time is celebrated.

One particular popular event for example is the Ruperit-Kermesse (‘Ruperti-Kirtag) in the city center of Salzburg.

In honour of the name day of the patron saint (St. Rupert) a five day festival is organized with traditional food, music and other popular attractions.

With over 100.000 people visiting this feast, it is one of the most popular traditional events in Austria.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011 Harvest Festival in Grödig

harvest crown

Traditional highlight of the autumn in Salzburg is the harvest festival (‘Bauernherbst’).

The different regions in the country are presenting themselves and their products. The harvest time is celebrated and tradition and customs are revived.

In Grödig harvest time is celebrated too, for example with the ‘Erntedankfest’. During this festivity on September 18, a harvest crown made out of grain is carried in a procession through the village to the church.

After a mass, the people sit and eat together. The main idea of this festivity as for the whole harvest festival as well, is to be thankful for the rich harvest.

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 Feast of Corpus Christi in Grödig

An important part of regional culture and tradition are the processions on the day of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi is a Christian holiday one week after Pentecost.

On this day, complex processions take place with marching bands, local costume groups, representatives of the church and many watchers and onlookers.

Usually there are different stations with decorated altars, where the procession comes to a halt and prayers and blessings are said.

On 23. June there’s also a procession in Grödig!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 DULT in Salzburg

From June 11 until June 19 the ‘DULT’, a traditional festivity around the time of Pentecost, takes place in the exhibition centre.

The DULT is very popular in Salzburg because it offers a lot of different amusements.

There is an amusement park (observation wheel, roller coaster, haunted house, bouncing castle…), local and traditional food and music, fireworks and lots more. The local brewery Stiegl even created a special beer exclusively for the DULT

The entry is free and on the family day (June 14) a lot of the amusements are reduced.

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