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Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 New Year’s Eve

You might wonder, why the title of this blog is ‚New Year’s Eve’- and that in September. Well, in Austria, we celebrate New Year’s Eve twice: once in December and the second time in September!

From September 24th until September 30th, there is a beer festival and the highlight of the festival is the so called Brausilvester, the breweries New Year’s Eve.

But lets start at the beginning. Hundreds of years ago, there was no possibility to cool beer during summer. Because beer needs to stay cool in order to be enjoyable, beer was only made during autumn/winter from September 29th until April 23rd. Therefore, the breweries New Year’s Eve was a celebration of the last and new beer season.

Although there are now sufficient possibilities to cool beer, the breweries New Year’s Eve stayed. Almost all of the breweries in Austria, and of course Salzburg offer special events for this occasion. For further information on the participating breweries and the breweries New Year’s Eve you can visit their homepage:

Sunday, June 17th, 2012 Beer in Salzburg

You enjoy a good glass of beer once in a while? Then you should visit the Stiegel brewery during your stay in Salzburg.

The Stiegel brewery is the biggest private brewery in Austria. They offer great regional beer and also a very interesting museum.

In the beer museum you cannot only learn more about beer and its production, but also taste beer. In the same building, there is also a nice traditional restaurant where you can enjoy dinner and beer after visiting the museum.

For further information of the brewery visit their website:

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