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Quality of local water

Monday, July 1st, 2013

The Untersberg is not only a popular recreation area in the south of Salzburg city- it is also a natural water reservoir for Grödig and the city of Salzburg. The various springs and founts at the bottom of the mountain cover 90% of the water demand of Salzburg city and Grödig.

The water from Grödig is of excellent quality and gets good results at every testing. Therefore the water just needs to be degermed and can be given away in its natural state.

Our guests from all over the world point out that the high quality of our water is not self-evident and that often enough they cannot drink their water from the tap at home like we do in Grödig. Therefore we are very proud of the quality of our water and try to use it as economical as possible.

For further information about the water in Grödig you can visit the website of the local water association:

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